March 27, 2017

Review | Sleek Lens Strike a Pose Portrait Presets

I’ll admit when Sleek Lens contacted me to review their presets I had never heard of the company before and was a little worried they were some dodgy hackers that wanted to get into my computer and steal my credit card details. After some research, I found much to my delight, they actually were legit and I was eager to get started testing out their portraiture presets. I have been trying to go in a different direction with my editing lately, I was a bit bored with my current presets as I have been using them since starting out in photography a million billion years ago.

During the school holidays I photographed my family in a traditional portraiture setting. I painted a canvas backdrop in blue and grey house paint and propped it up between two pedestal fans. The light source coming in from camera left and the top of their heads. At first I thought the presets really sucked. I wasn’t used to them and found the all in one presets range too vibrant and contrasty for me, I just couldn’t get the hang of it but I stuck with it. Then something magic happened with the base presets, unlike others they are stackable and the possibilities of colour combinations are endless. I am in love with low contrast back and white which is the complete opposite of how I usually edit. The option to stack different presets on top of each other gives a new layer to colour that has an old world feel I’m completely digging, going dark and moody without turning too muddy, for once I really love the outcome my black and white conversion.

I found the video tutorials on how to install and use the presets were extremely helpful and the instant click to correct skin tone is fantastic as its something I really struggle with manually. I’ll leave you with some examples, the left photo is the before and right is the after incase you were wondering

before and after sleek lens portrait preset review before and after sleek lens portrait preset review before and after sleek lens portrait preset review before and after sleek lens portrait preset review

If you wish to check them out here are some links

Tutorials HERE

Products HERE (I’m using strike a pose workflow)

Pinterest HERE

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